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Tennis Elbow

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mrspitt Sat 04-Feb-17 18:17:56

I've had it (undiagnosed) for almost 2 weeks, how do you get it to go away?? I'm right handed, it's in my right elbow/arm so no getting away from using it. Tried compression bandage but it just made my hand swell up, put deep freeze (the liquid stuff not an actual deep freezer) on it and taken ibuprofen...but it's still toothache in my arm. Any advice or remedies please?!

crankyhousewife Sat 04-Feb-17 19:10:39

You need to get it properly diagnosed for starters as it could be something else (like golfers elbow for example - I've had both).

I was referred to physio for mine yet my husband was told (by same GP) to take ibuprofen and wear a specific tennis elbow support thing (don't know exactly what they're called). Your GP might recommend a steroid injection.

Apparently it will go away on its own eventually. 9 months on and I'm still waiting.

mrspitt Sat 04-Feb-17 19:30:27

Thank you @crankyhousewife
Never heard of golfers elbow..I didn't even think anything of it but after a few days was talking to my Mum and she said, tennis elbow which is pretty much the symptoms I have.
My DP keeps saying go to the docs but I never's tolerable but bugging me now

crankyhousewife Sat 04-Feb-17 19:33:49

I'd never heard of golfers elbow either. It's like tennis elbow but the opposite side of the elbow. Incidentally I play neither golf nor tennis.

Chottie Sat 04-Feb-17 20:47:32

I went to the doctor's with TA and was told to go away until the pain became unbearable and then to go back for a cortisone injection. I didn't want an injection. So I did exercises, bought a wrist and mouse support to use with the computer and fx all seems ok atm.

ilovesooty Sat 04-Feb-17 20:50:21

I've had both tennis and golfer's elbow. Both were treated with physio, painkillers, supports and cortisone injections. Ultimately I had to have surgery on both.

mrspitt Sat 04-Feb-17 21:15:30

Probably sounds silly but it felt like it moved to the underside of my elbow last week..then back to the same area but now down my forearm. Someone suggested exercises and then possible cortisone injection, which I don't want.
Thanks @Chottie for your experience
@ilovesooty what was your op for and what did it do?

MaureenMLove Sat 04-Feb-17 21:39:02

I've had it for about 5 years! My GP gave me prescription strength ibuprofen to start with and he told me I needed to exercise. It has got a lot better, but it still feels bruised if I press the joint and every week or so, I might have a bad day, but nowhere near the initial pain I had.

At its worst, I could barely lift anything and couldn't even squeeze the dish cloth without pain shooting down my arm. The ache went all the way down to my wrist and I just couldn't get my arm comfortable at all.

Horrible pain. I feel for you. Do go and get a proper diagnosis though.

ilovesooty Sat 04-Feb-17 21:44:47

I eventually had day surgery to have the tendons released. 100% effective for the tennis elbow, slightly less so with the golfer's. Both on right arm. I had tennis elbow in the left as well but it's largely gone away by itself.

MaureenMLove Sat 04-Feb-17 22:53:13

Oh, meant to mention Flexisec. It's bloody expensive at around £20 a tube, but lots of friends have endorsed it for muscle/joint pain.

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