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Fairly certain my darling son has shared his Hand, foot and mouth virus with me....

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StinkyMcgrinky Sat 04-Feb-17 13:17:01

Mid week my eldest DS (2) was diagnosed with HFM, he was ok, just the usual cold type symptoms with a couple of blisters on his hands and feet (and testicles, poor chap).

On my way home from work on Thursday evening I noticed my hand was sore using the steering wheel, but put it down to recently returning to work after maternity leave and using the harsh soap on the toilets. I also had a few painful toes which I put down to the stitching in my new tights rubbing the wrong way....then on Friday, you guessed it, I noticed a very large ulcer on my tongue. As yesterday went on I've developed lots of tiny red spots/blisters on my hands, soles of my feet and more mouth ulcers. I'm not a doctor but I'm fairly certain it's HFM, I didn't even know adults could get it?! I feel OK in myself, a bit coldy but it is very painful to walk and use my hands.

My main concern is work - I feel well enough to be in but work in an open plan office environment with doctors and medical students. I know HFM is contagious and want to be sensible in terms of being around people who are likely to encounter adults and children who are poorly. My brain is telling me to sit it out at home until the blisters have gone but just wanted to ask a) would you do the same? Is it a bit dramatic taking time off? and b) has anyone else ever had adult HFM and is there anything at all that will help with the pain?!

Quartz2208 Sat 04-Feb-17 19:41:48

In terms of contagious it is for six weeks after symptoms (it hangs around) so no need to worry about that even nurseries allow them back

Secondly it really depends how bad it is. I had it mildly so no time off, my hus and needed 3 days, my boss 4 and her partner 5

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