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Flashing light

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jesica057 Sat 04-Feb-17 09:08:43

I have been seeing flashing light is my one eye for couple of month. The goading light last for few seconds and dissapear.I get it sometimes couple of time miss day and some day I get nothing. I was wondering if anybody else had similar experience. I have been referred to opthamalogist, just waiting for appointment.

Medeci Sat 04-Feb-17 09:25:46

OK to wait for appointment as long as the flashes don't become more frequent, if they do you need to get seen ASAP.
I suddenly noticed flashing lights, every few seconds, like camera flashes in my peripheral vision on one side. Panicked and went to A&E, was referred to eye surgeon straight away. There was a retinal tear, luckily they were able to do a laser repair after a lot of fiddling about (tear was in an awkward place) so avoided surgery.
Occaisional flashing lights can be normal but needs to be checked out.

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