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Really shocking GP has told DH that he's fine and well, despite his lifestyle being awful and his "bad" cholesterol being way too high..

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lborgia Fri 03-Feb-17 06:07:06

Major back story on this GP who I consider positively dangerous. . and DH just gets first available appt when necessary and then says "why not that GP? YOU didn't ever say anything about which GP"... but that bit is for Relationships :-)

DH went to get bloods back as he's supposed to have anti fungals for his toenails, and they hvave to check liver first. One of his liver markers has been raised the last 5 years and this has never been discussed.. he has had the antifungals before but I've no idea if this triggered the problem, or if they are separate issues.

The GP said he was fine and gave him the script. DH asked for a copy of the bloods, the GP didn't want to give them to him (waste of ink and paper) but did. I'm now looking at them and baffled.

He may not be ill, but he definitely needs to change things a bit, and the main point is that his LDL is 3.8. The range is 1.7-3.5, but should be under 2 for high risk patients, which I assume he is from family history, but even not, you want it under 2.5.

So, if I started talking about his beer and ice cream consumption he just feels got at... should I drag him back to a good GP - there's a brilliant one who's in tomorrow (just to put in context, we're in Oz, we have to pay for our GPs and where we are we can just walk in on a Saturday, so it's not about "wasting the NHS's time" or similar, but it is another 30 pounds sterling...).

insancerre Fri 03-Feb-17 06:17:48

The cholesterol thing has been hyped up over the years
Beer and ice cream? It's hardly crack cocaine.
Your dp us hardly at deaths door and really his health is his concern

sadie9 Fri 03-Feb-17 09:34:25

A 'high risk' patient in the context of high cholesterol would be someone who has excessively high cholesterol, an existing heart condition, has already had a stroke or heart attack or heart surgery, who is obese, already has diabetes, and is a smoker. So even if you have high cholesterol in the family, and are just over the recommended levels, that can be fine if you don't have any other risk factors going on.
The GP would have offered your DH statins if they are really concerned.

AuntieMay Fri 03-Feb-17 15:06:52

Also the ldl has to be taken in context with his hdl level, what was the ratio of total chloresterol/ hdl

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