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Breast Reduction Surgery - Who's Had it Done?

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tallyhoo Thu 02-Feb-17 18:10:56

Before having DC I was a size 6/8 with C cup boobs. After having DC I'm still a 6/8 but with F/H cup boobs.
My breasts aren't full however and most of it is just extra skin, so most of the bra just holds rolls of skin. It's painful with a bra, painful without. They look so gross (majorly deflated balloon look). It's knocked my self esteem so much and now refuse to get into relationships because of it. How much would a breast reduction / surgery be? What's the aftermath like and how do I go about getting one? I have no money to afford one so will take years of saving but I'm completely fed up now. I look weird in my clothes as my body's so petite and my boobs stick out like a sore thumb. I'm just so done with them.

leighb23 Thu 02-Feb-17 20:02:22

Go and see your GP. I had lopsided boobs, right was about 4 inches bigger all round than the left. I found it affected my confidence - I walked round school with my arms folded. At age 15 I should've had the op but it was cancelled and eventually I had it done about a year later. It hurt, don't get me wrong, but mentally it freed me. I hate the scarring as I couldn't bear it being touched for a long long time when I eventually got a bf! But he's hubby now so can't have been too bad. As for cost I can't say as mine was an NHS jobby because of the psychological damage. But def ask GP!

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