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Thrush? Sore rash

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BumDNC Thu 02-Feb-17 14:32:21

Not for a child, for me sad

I wear tights to work a fair bit and sanitary towels often due to heavy bleeding. But always cotton pants or better no pants and cotton jamas

2 weeks ago I last did bikini line etc and had sex with a condom.

4 days ago I had symptoms of thrush begin with crazy itching and discharge so I pretty much the next day went out and got an oral pessary and cream from pharmacy.

I resisted scratching I thought but although no itching now I am so so sore. Raw and uncomfortable between bum cheeks especially blush also it kind of smells 'damp' in that area kind of sweaty.

Should I now go for something like bepathen for healing rather than canesten? Is this just thrush aftermath? envy

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