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Please help: PASH breast lump removal

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1wokeuplikethis Thu 02-Feb-17 11:46:44

Big lump found in my breast has been identified as a PASH tumour. I can find virtually no information online about this and was given the option to have it removed or just leave it...have surgery under general anaesthetic and potentially a disfigured breast, or leave it be. I mean, how are you meant to make that decision?

From what little info I can find, it seems if left the PASH can continue growing (to the size of a BASKETBALL, sure, thanks google) can potentially hide a malignant tumour of could hide future problems. So it seems the sensible option is to remove it now as I am 31 with 2 children under 4.

But, trying to look up about PASH removal has lead me to forums where everyone whose had it has ended up having a mastectomy. I just don't understand. Mastectomies are pretty bloody serious, so how does that even sit in the same zone as 'have it removed or leave it?'

Please, please; is there anyone on here who has had a PASH removed? What happened? Was it just the lump or the whole breast? I am finding this difficult to comprehend.

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