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What is the law regarding prescrition drugs & no prescription?

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Notaclueaboutfootball Wed 01-Feb-17 20:07:43

Is it just your own look out or is it illeagal?

Taking about self injecting B12 bought from Amazon in Germany

Is it illegal? could it be confiscated?

The GP lets me have some; I think I need more - lots of places let you buy it over the counter

BobbyNoggle Wed 01-Feb-17 21:16:01

Pretty sure it's not illegal to import medicinal drugs (without prescription) for individual use.
Whether it's wise or not is a different matter.

Crumbs1 Wed 01-Feb-17 21:42:55

Importing medicines without a licence is illegal. You might be better off speaking to your GP again. You run risk of serious side effects if you overdose.

BobbyNoggle Wed 01-Feb-17 22:35:52

The other issue OP, is you most likely will have to pay a U.K. Customs fee for importing prescription-only drugs for your own individual use.
I'm sure it's possible to obtain any drug on the internet without a UK doctors prescription; but how do you know the medicine is authentic?
I assume from your OP that you have PA & are having GP 3 monthly B12injections .....but maybe have ongoing symptoms? If so, have all other causes of fatigue symptoms been excluded?

hlc123 Wed 01-Feb-17 22:43:16

I have pernicious anaemia and a lot of people on a support group I'm on self inject.

BobbyNoggle Wed 01-Feb-17 22:54:35

A lot of people with thyroid disorders have to resort to this type of self-medication thing also.
Very much doubt meds would be confiscated but you probably will have to pay a customs fee.

notaclueaboutfootball Thu 02-Feb-17 07:19:12

Well based on your link I'd be on about 15% of what I should be Crumbs so I'm not going to worry.
I'd be taking about a third of the NICE guidelines - not sure whether NICE or your website are more accurate tho'

TBH it's cheap enough that if they add duty on it'll still be OK

& tbh I have been ill for so long the only improvement I've ever felt is the loading doses & then about a week after each injection. The bizarre thing is B12 weekly is on my repeat perscription list - they just won't give them to me. This is the culmunation of a 2 yr fight

Just so you know I could buy the same injection daily at a beauty clinic for £80 a dose or from a german pharmacy at £1 a dose including postage

lougle Thu 02-Feb-17 07:55:00

Have you thought about buying the nasal spray? Clinic sell it. It absorbs straight into the bloodstream just as injections do, so you get the same benefit. It's available from the UK, so you wouldn't have to import it. No messing around with injections.

Worth a try?

lougle Thu 02-Feb-17 07:57:21

Each bottle has 175 x 500mg sprays, so at £17.50 it works out as 20p per mg.

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