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Yas birth control pill

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mum19821985 Wed 01-Feb-17 14:52:38

Hiya, has anyone had any experience with the birth control pill Yaz?

Popskipiekin Thu 02-Feb-17 10:40:26

I was on Yasmin for years but I've googled and though similar is not same thing, sorry. I had to fight to be given it at each appointment as it was expensive to prescribe apparently - I wonder if Yaz is now the go-to? Anyway, I see they have similar ingredients only Yasmin has higher dose of the EE drug.
What is your issue with Yaz?

mum19821985 Thu 02-Feb-17 12:20:48

Hiya, sorry it its Yasmin that I've been put on. I've been on it for 3 days lol. I too had to fight to get this. I've been put on this to help with severe PMS or PMDD

FortyFacedFuckers Thu 02-Feb-17 13:44:03

I was on Yasmin for years it was the only thing that has ever cleared up my acne!

Popskipiekin Thu 02-Feb-17 17:17:33

Ok smile so yes then I have experience! Good experience. I went through so many other pills and this was the only one I didn't have permanent bleeding and low mood. Was also good for my acne though that wasn't main reason for taking (very lengthy and heavy periods was the reason and it regulated them). Afraid no idea of its efficacy for pmdd....

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