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Anyone had a myocardial perfusion scan?

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IamaLadyeee Wed 01-Feb-17 11:07:20

and can tell me about your experience? I have read all the instructions etc that came with the appointment letter but I am slightly really freaking out panicking. It is next week.

I am just really nervous and worried that during the stress part with the injected drugs, I will just be laid there for 30 minutes feeling really breathless and tight chested! It is an awful feeling and really panics me! and what if I have a bad reaction to the drugs? and also the radiation worries me

I even contemplated cancelling but my DH really wants to me to go and get some answers. I have hardly slept since I got the letter, it was completely unexpected. When I saw the Cardiologist he said he would order an echocardiogram and an exercise treadmill test which I have had done, (don't know results) but then literally about a week after the ETT, this appointment arrived for the myocardial perfusion scan.

and to top it all, I cant have anything with caffeine in for 48 hours prior so will end up with a caffeine withdrawal headache too


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