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Feeling like death!

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Babasaclover Tue 31-Jan-17 16:30:07

Just after some positive vibes. Day 4 of feeing like a sack of shit with bad horrendous cold. Obviously no time to actually rest or recuperate as got an 8 month old bouncy energetic little girl!

Having a dark day and feeling like I will never feel well again! Would give anything for an old fashioned sick day off where you loll about in bed all day until better!

StillMedusa Wed 01-Feb-17 23:34:35

Same cold here.. no babies (mine are grown up) but I work with severely disabled children.. all of whom are streaming with snot and still at school, and I can't remember when I last felt this ill!
Day 5 today of a banging head, throat, ears, sinuses... it's grim..and we are so short staffed due to this 'cold' that I feel I HAVE to go in!

Babasaclover Thu 02-Feb-17 09:18:29

Ah sorry to hear that. It really seems to linger eh!

I'm off to doctors tonight as it's now a chest infection. Bizarrely this has made me happy as now I will get antibiotics which actually will help me feel better in a few days rather than it just going on and on with no end in sight!!!!

Are you able to go to bed early? My day is more manageable if I've at least had some sleep!

StillMedusa Fri 03-Feb-17 00:17:44

Sleep? My youngest is19 but has autism and 2-3am is his normal cut off. If I get 5 hours I am very happy!

I think my 'cold' (seems such a minor word for something that has made me want to weep) is turning... tonight I actually... briefly..tasted some food!

Fingers crossed your antibiotics do the trick. Weirdly (consideringI smoked for 20 years) I have never ever had a chest infection! The rest of me is disintegrating however grin

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