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Does this sound reasonable? (Long, sorry)

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Greebosmum Tue 31-Jan-17 13:46:01

Not sure if this should be in general health or mental health, so will try here first.

I am currently off work, self certified, with a cold.

I am totally exhausted, some of which is the cold, some of which is just the way I feel at the moment.

The background to this is, for 5 and a half years I cared for my Mum, she died last September aged 95. I have not cried for her once, I don't actually feel anything much. I think I have been running on adrenalin since she passed.

I also have a DD who has bi polar disorder.

DD met a man, fell pregnant after four months, we were supremely lucky in that she was offered a council flat, in what seemed to be a lovely village location. However, the woman above her was awful and made her life a misery by being noisy, abusive and generally horrible. It is hard to describe. She obviously has severe mental problems but that doesn't make the way she treated my daughter any easier to deal with. My DD at no time relatiated, but the situation increased her anxiety. This all resulted in a court case and woman has a 2 year suspended sentence and various orders keeping her away from my girl.

DD has subsequently moved to a new house in an even nicer village and all on that front is happy.

The father of the baby turned out to also be an abusive twit, and after a great deal of heart ache for everyone, the police had to be involved, he has now gone, but because of DDs mental condition she is very dependent on me for help.

Just before Christmas DDs little boy had an accident, the typical toddler trick of having longer arms than she thought, and he pulled a hot drink over himself. It went down one arm. She took brilliant action, he has been looked after by the burns unit brilliantly. He will have no scars and nobody blames her. It could happen to any of us, however careful we are. This has further reduced her confidence in herself though.

At the moment she is staying with us. Her anxiety is particularly bad at the moment and she is afraid to go home in case he has another accident. This despite the fact she has been living at home for the last 6 weeks with him.

I think that is everything.

Now to my question. I was in the bath this morning after everyone had gone to work (DD works and DGS is with the childminder). I realised I am just exhausted. I am not sleepy I am just exhausted. If I could spend the next couple of weeks staring at the ceiling and not talking to anyone it would be bliss.

Would a Dr be likely to sign me off for a couple of weeks for these feelings? I did make an appointment this morning, but cancelled it because I thought maybe I was being silly. I would take leave but I don't have any left till 1st April.

If you are a Dr and someone came in with this tale of woe, would you think they were being pathetic or would you think they could just do with a rest?

If you got to the end of this marathon, well done and thank you for reading. Just writing it all down has been something of a help.

BatSegundo Tue 31-Jan-17 21:02:12

I'm not a doctor, but you should see one. Make the appointment and take a print out of your post. Read it to them or hand it to them, don't leave anything out. You are not being silly. You do need a break. And some counselling. You've been through a lot in a relatively short time and have had to be the strong one for your mum, your daughter and your grandson. You haven't grieved for your mum yet. Holding back the tide of grief and putting your own worries about your daughter and anger towards her abusive partner aside to be the strong one is utterly, utterly exhausting. You are experiencing a normal reaction to abnormal circumstances. Please be kind to yourself and please make that appointmentflowers

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Tue 31-Jan-17 21:05:27

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me (am not a doctor). Make the appointment.

Greebosmum Tue 31-Jan-17 21:08:15

Thank you. Maybe I will. I just feel so silly and pathetic, but maybe I'm not.

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