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Singles vaccines - how long inbetween?

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archiesmummy Mon 26-Feb-07 11:03:26

If we decide on the singles vaccines, how long inbetween doing the first one until we can do the second one?

Also I heard that when you are BF one of the elements of the MMR might not take at 13 months, so you should wait til 15 months, is this true about the singles as well?

Jimjams2 Mon 26-Feb-07 11:08:01

Wakefield says a year between. Most single clinics say 3 months.

Measles vaccination (whether MMR or single) is slightly more successful post 15 months rather than at 13 months, but its a very slight difference. It's to do with antibodies still circulating from the mother. The timing is switched around quite a bit. I think if you go for singles most clnics give rubella first anyway.

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