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Anyone had problems with the Mirena coil?

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Fortifiedwithvitaminsandiron Mon 30-Jan-17 11:35:13

I had it put in just over a year ago, in the beginning of January 2016. I have had no periods since and no issues at all, I have literally raved about it to anyone who asks about it. I have had no side effects, no problems etc. nothing.

Fast forward to almost a year on exactly, and about two weeks ago I had that distantly familiar feeling of my period coming. I was bloated (extremely so), and I just felt sluggish and heavy, and I was cramping. a couple of days later I spotted briefly, literally, a little bit of brown spotting for a few hours and that was it. But since then, I've had huge amounts of (TMI ALERT) cervical mucus, just like during ovulation, and sore tender breasts. Both nipples are tingling and one breast is especially sore and I can see is swollen slightly. Today I can barely move for nausea.

WTF is happening? I have a doctors appointment on Weds to discuss it as my primary concern is my breasts (family history of breast cancer so anything breast-related sense me into a spin) which is what I've been focusing on, but is it actually more likely this is all to do with the coil? I just can't believe after having no symptoms or side effects at all for a full year, why it would suddenly snowball into this. I feel awful!

(Oh, and although I now there's always a chance, I genuinely am not worried about this being pregnancy so not thinking along those lines!)

Did anyone else have an experience with Mirena where it was fine for ages and then 'boom' just, yuk?

MajorClanger123 Mon 30-Jan-17 12:05:32

Yes!! Went to the doctors 2 weeks ago because after 2 years of thoroughly LOVING the mirena (my periods totally stopped after 5 months of insertion) I too started to feel the niggle & symptoms of periods returning late last year (beginning October - spotting / cramping / sore boobs).

The cramping was not nice (caused tummy upset) but spotting was fairly mild (panty liners). I didnt think much about it to begin with, but then spotting increased (again, not enough for tampon but did need to up to sanitary towels) so I began to note in my diary when it was occuring - roughly every 25 days. I also experienced a regular stabbing pain from behind my left nipple which concerned me.

It was my sister who said any unexplained bleeding should be investigated & to get it checked.

Went to Doctor a few weeks ago, my main worry being pregnancy risk! It only takes me and DH to look at each other & we're pregnant! I thought if coil has moved / slipped, we might fall pregnant.

He checked the strings - all totally fine, and said he'll send me for scan to check mirena still in place. Said boob stabbing pain likely hormonal (actually, not had it now since late December) and he said something like "the coil is an imperfect device" or something i.e. this is totally normal and will probably stop soon. Funnily enough, it has stopped (I would be due cramps etc round about now according to my diary and all i've had is slightly sore boobs).

He also did a breast check to make sure nothing sinister with the pain- again, all felt normal. However (and this might be a whole new thread soon - I have given left breast a good old poke since the appointment 2 weeks ago and I reckon I can feel some deep lumps which i'm now panicking about confused).

I'm a little fed up with Mirena I'll admit - was brilliant to begin with, but unexpected bleeding and single breast pain has made me paranoid about my body and unable to determine what is hormonal and what is due to Mirena. I think i'm heading back to Dr this week to discuss lumpy / painful breast further, even though 2 weeks ago he said all seems ok.

Sorry - epic essay, hope some of it helped though!

Fortifiedwithvitaminsandiron Mon 30-Jan-17 12:14:03

Oh blimey you poor thing.... although I am part-relieved to hear it's happened to someone else as like you, I have been LOVING the mirena!!!

Exactly the same concerns here re. single breast issues and I've already decided I think that if it is all likely attributable to the mirena (will see what doc says) I'm going to get it removed as, like you, I don't like now knowing what's a 'real' physical sensation as opposed to a 'mirena'-fuelled one, especially where breast health is concerned.

MajorClanger123 Mon 30-Jan-17 12:35:18

Yes I'm now in 2 minds as to whether to get it removed too. I don't feel in control of my body with it in. Good luck at the doctors - do let us know if he has any wise(r) words of wisdom!

slightlyembassing Mon 30-Jan-17 13:04:37

It's a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea for me.

I used to have horrific periods, bleeding so badly that I ended up on an iron infusion due to anaemia. Blood clots the size of tangerines, weeks were just life limiting.

I had some fibroids cauterised and the mirena placed under general anaesthetic.

In place of those periods it's been life changing. At worst a bit of brownish discharge.

But I have to say I don't feel quite "right". Bloated all the time, miserable, lethargic, and sometimes sharp pains in my legs.

My natural lubricaton is also now strange and not what it was.

I think I've had more niggly infections with it, as I've noticed what used to be clear and liquid is now milky and thicker.

I go through periods of uncontrollable itching, and by the end of the day i have really strange discharge. It's almost like clumps of a grey tissue like substance (almost like finding you've washed a tissue in your pocket), that rubs off the inner vulva.

It doesn't smell, just irritates. Sometimes the skin is so irritable it tears.

I don't know if it's connected to the coil, but I never had it before.

I keep being given steroid cream, Clotimazol, Thrush cures, BV cures but nothing bloody shifts it.

I never use perfumed washes, just water and I wear cotton underwear. It's the only connection i can make.

MajorClanger123 Mon 30-Jan-17 13:32:35

Gosh slightlyembassing that sounds pretty rubbish, but you're right about it being a toss up between awful periods and the mirena side effects.

I was surprised when I looked into it late last year that apparently only approx 30% of women actually have total cessation of periods - I thought the big 'selling point' to women was total stopping of periods, but given less than half of women experience that.

Hope you manage to resolve or lessen your irritating side effects soon.

Cherylene Mon 30-Jan-17 15:04:12

Slightly - you problem sounds not unlike my low oestrogen menopausal problems. I also get urinary problems with it.

I read a bit about it stopping periods and the statistics all referred to periods stopping over the time of 2 mirenas.

mumsnit Mon 30-Jan-17 20:17:50

Mine has just been removed after 2 years as it slipped. This gradually caused more and more spotting until the bleeding got much worse and I was also in great discomfort with pelvic and breast pain.

It's been several weeks now and still no sign of it stopping so feeling really tired and awful. On this plus side, the breast pain stopped immediately after coil was removed!

MajorClanger123 Mon 30-Jan-17 21:15:12

Hi mumsnit, how bad has the bleeding been since Mirena was removed? I've read pretty awful accounts of passing large clots etc. which I confess puts me off removal somewhat.
I wonder why Mirena seems to cause breast pain too, hormonal I guess. Was / is yours both breasts or just localised to one? I never really had sore breasts before as part of period symptoms, until I had the Mirena fitted shock

mumsnit Mon 30-Jan-17 21:28:17

Major my periods were heavy before Mirena so this is nothing too different - it's just endless!! Not everyone has this reaction to removal though - things were going awry for me before it got taken out which is probably a factor.

With Mirena I couldn't even bear anything brushing past me as the breast pain was so bad. It's completely gone now though confused

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