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Any radiographers about?

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trinity0097 Sun 29-Jan-17 20:10:50

Does anyone here do tubograms?! Quite a specialised question I know.

I have one on Wednesday and I am petrified that I will be unable to stand the pain, last time I had to stay in hospital on the strong stuff another night. I cannot currently flush more than 8ml of saline into my gallballder drain without pain (meant to do a 10ml flush, but I just can't!). The last tubogram showed a completed blockage of the gallbladder, so I doubt anything has changed as I am still draining around 600-700ml of bile a day. So my question really what is the minimum amount of dye that can be used to get whatever results they want from it?! I'm sure they used a much bigger syringe las time than my 10ml flush syringe! I know she sucked it out again afterwards, but the damage was done and it caused over 12 hours of horrid pain.

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