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Has anyone had vaginoplasty?

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Peacefulmama Sun 29-Jan-17 18:21:53

Hi everyone

I have a 3 yr old and due to problems with her vaginal delivery, I have since had ...well, there's no polite way to say it really is there, so excuse my bluntness.... but I have nearly zero feeling down there and it feels like my vagina is now huge where it used to be a good fairly small size before. I mean its big. I can't feel my husband during sex at all and he's not a small guy. Specialist physio hasn't helped, nor have at-home pelvic exercisers. I have seen about 4 different female doctors and specialists who were empathic and confirmed stretching, loss of muscle tone especially around my lateral episiotomy scar, and minor uterine prolapse. They understood that I knew I didnt feel like I should.

My self confidence nose dived however, when I saw a male consultant who could have authorised corrective surgery on the nhs, and he bluntly said my vagina was normal (its not, not for me) and he was referring me to a psychiatrist "to talk through your feelings" ... talk about humiliating. I was horrified,and so offended. I went to one session just in case I WAS actually obsessed and batshit crazy.

But the psychiatrist was lovely and agreed that I know my own body, my voice should have been listened to, and I was clearly sane, fine, and not in the grip of some kind of irrational vagina obsession.

She did encourage me to complain to PALS but I found the appointment with the consultant so awful that I couldn't pursue it.

I now have finally, 3.5 years later, saved up £10,000 for private vaginal tightening surgery. Can anyone recommend a good clinic in the UK? Could anyone share their experiences of the surgery and the recovery with me? Things to be aware of? Any Clinics or surgeons I should avoid at all costs? If I'm allowed to ask that. Does this procedure actually increase sexual pleasure? Any testimonies welcome!

I'm trying to do some research before I choose a clinic and book time off work, so any stories, advice etc, would really help! Above all, I'm hoping it does actually increase my sensitivity during sex as my sexual confidence is at an all time low.

Thanks in advance to all the ladies who reply! Xx

VioletHornswaggle Mon 30-Jan-17 12:47:53

Hi OP, I had work done on the NHS for prolapse repair. I would strongly recommend you go back to your GP and ask for an alternative referral. However, here's the details of my surgeon who (like many NHS surgeons) does private work. She was really good and sympathetic.

Cherylene Mon 30-Jan-17 15:18:30

I had rectocele repair and perineum rebuilt by my local urogynaecologist privately but it is done on nhs. I just wanted to stay in the private hospital and had insurance we never used.

If you look at diagrams of perineal muscles, then there should be a ring around the anus and around the vagina and a transverse muscle that runs across between. If the vaginal ring is broken, it twangs back towards the anus and you end up with a wizards sleeve. The shelfy bit that covers the back of the opening is gone. Episiotomy is supposed to stop this happening.
It will depend on your own personal geography if that feels wrong, so no one can tell you how to feel about it.

Soubriquet Mon 30-Jan-17 15:25:20

I've had one done on the NHS

Mine was repairing of scar tissue though

I had been sewn too tight and then developed scar tissue so thick even the doctor was shocked when she operated.

It was extremely painful and intercourse was impossible

The op itself was very straight forward. It was under general anaesthetic and I was out that afternoon.

Healing was nice and quick too.

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