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Why is it when Men are they ill they..............................

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Radley Mon 26-Feb-07 08:00:26

............make so much bloody noise.

Last night dh started with a d&v bug and was up most of the night, and the selfish pig made sure i was too.

EVERY time he got out of bed to go to the loo it was a case of moaning and groaning saying 'ooh I'm off again', then when he was being sick, I have NEVER heard anyone make as much noise in my life, for a start he didn't even shut the bloody bathroom door. When he came back to bed I then got a running commentry of his bodily functions, and he insisted on cudding up to me to get him warm, my tummy feels dicky this morning and if I come down with it today of all days I'll lynch him. I've a very important interview this afternoon and don't want to blow it.

So, i'm going totake the kids to school and when I come back, have a cuppa and try and catch 40 winks on the sofa whilst he languishes in bed till god knows what time.

Radley Mon 26-Feb-07 09:00:16

Must just be my hubby then

DontlookatmeImshy Mon 26-Feb-07 09:04:16

No, you are not alone, you have just described many dh's including mine.

lurkylou Mon 26-Feb-07 09:27:57

Make sure if you have sons you don't allow the bad habits to continue!!!

sockmonkey Mon 26-Feb-07 09:47:33

Dh is the loudest throwing-upper there is. Yuck.

Hope you are ok, and good luck with the interview!

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