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Tinker1988 Sun 29-Jan-17 01:44:48

Vaginismus is a problem that I have Had issue for 10 years now and it's beginning to become a real problem. Got married 3 years ago and managed to get pregnant whilst undertaking psychosexual counselling. Since giving birth (section due to vaginismus pain) I haven't been able to do anything with my hubby. Little girl is 2 next month so really is a problem. The other issue is that at 29 I still haven't managed to have a smear test. My doctors have given up sending letters and have started calling me instead and I am petrified. I bleed after even trying and the pain is horrific if I try sex. I am booked in for a smear on Monday after a water sample came back questionable.... I just don't know what to do anymore
Any advice would be greatly received x x

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