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Swollen lymph glands in stomach

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PinotAndPlaydough Sat 28-Jan-17 19:06:31

My 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with this today, she's been complaining of stomach pain for a few day and last night woke up doubled up and crying.

The out of hours dr we saw this morning recommended 6 small snacks rather than 3 main meals a day which should be made up of very bland food, specifically said no fruit, veg or dairy for the next few days.

She's had a few bits of chicken and some mash for dinner and is again doubled up crying. I'm wondering if a liquid diet would be better but most soups have a veg base.
She's had calpol which doesn't seem to be helping much.

Has anyone got any experience with this or any advice? It's horrible seeing her so upset and in so much pain.

maisiejones Sat 28-Jan-17 20:58:14

Mesenteric adenitis is quite common in children. I used to get it myself as a child and still get sometimes if I have a virus. It normally calms down by itself so I would say just continue with the symptom control. Tbh, I wouldn't worry too much about food over the next 24 hours but ensure she's well hydrated. Obviously if the pain becomes significantly worse then get further medical advice. Hope she soon feels better.

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