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Getting scared now, not long to hospital app in London!

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pinkbubble Sun 25-Feb-07 21:03:09

Has anyone had treatment at London Bridge hospital, I have an app tomorrow evening and my knees are beginning to knock

Runninglate Sun 25-Feb-07 22:53:28

I havn't but thought I would bump this for you. Is it just an appointment or are you having some treatment?

You will be fine!!!

pinkbubble Sun 25-Feb-07 23:15:32

This is just an app, but with review of having an op in a a couple of weeks-thanks!

TheBlonde Mon 26-Feb-07 09:50:04

Yeah I've been there (not had an op there though)
It's nice, good luck

FioFio Mon 26-Feb-07 09:54:04

Message withdrawn

pinkbubble Mon 26-Feb-07 12:53:51

No London Bridge

Runninglate Mon 26-Feb-07 20:57:05

How did you get on? x

pinkbubble Tue 27-Feb-07 19:48:52

Ok thanks Runninglate, London does scare me,My blood pressure was high so that has to be checked again, and in a couple of weeks time I have got to go back and have a small procedure on my heart. So overall a very successful trip- and we never got lost!

Runninglate Tue 27-Feb-07 20:15:18

That all sounds good and well done! Mind you - London is enough to raise anyone's blood pressure!! You would be amazed at how 'ordinary and normal' cardiac procedures are to those that do them every day. You will be in good hands and they can do it with their eyes closed so to speak. Try not to worry!!

I used to work in cardiac in a London Hospital - all parties really do know what they're doing...

pinkbubble Tue 27-Feb-07 20:21:28

have you had any experience in cathetar ablasion?

Runninglate Tue 27-Feb-07 21:16:51

No not directly - I used to work in theatre on the 'major stuff'.

I do know however, that regardless of what anyone tells you, it is impossible not to get in a right state whenever you are told that you need a 'procedure'....!!!

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