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Upset with what I thought was an UTI

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AlwaysandForever09 Fri 27-Jan-17 17:29:29

Feel ashamed typing this but I've been suffering badly all week with what I thought was a UTI. Been on antibiotics since Wednesday, but I've been in constant pain when weeing and around down below. Managed to see the duty doctor today and she examined me and looks like I have herpes blush sad. This was a complete shock as I've been with my husband for 7 years with no problems, we have both never cheated but can't work out how I've just got it now? We had checks done when we first got together, have 2 D.C and never any problems like this before? She asked me if he might of had a cold sore at all but we can't recall him ever getting them. Don't know what to do I feel so sad and keep crying as I've read that it's incurable. The thought of having to deal with this often is making me feel panicky, and I suffer with panic attacks. Sorry for the long essay just needed to get it off my chest! Can anyone offer any advise?

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