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Cyst on eyelid

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CatsCantFlyFast Fri 27-Jan-17 13:28:44

My dd2 has got a cyst on her eyelid after being hit in the eyelid by a swinging curtain wire (don't ask) at the beginning of Dec. It didn't break the skin and seemed superficial at the time - just a tiny red mark that didn't swell. Then over the course of December it swelled and last week seemed to be forming a yellow head beneath the surface. The doctor said it was a cyst. The doc has only said it will go on its own and that it won't burst, and to use hot compresses. Getting dd to hold anything on it is basically impossible so we've been leaving it alone. It now seems to be bloody beneath the surface of the skin and is scabbing despite not being touched (it's not bothering her so she's not touching it/scratching it). Should I just leave alone and pray it goes or is there anything else we could do?

MrsEricBana Fri 27-Jan-17 13:30:25

Book a non urgent appointment with practice nurse may be best bet as on her eye.

CatsCantFlyFast Fri 27-Jan-17 16:22:55

It was only this week we saw the doctor - I was just wondering if anybody had any experience

WillWorkForShoes Sat 28-Jan-17 22:34:22

I had a similar thing on my eye. I have a hot eye mask which is fantastic and far better than compresses. I got it off Amazon - 30 secs in the microwave and then it's warm. Rest it on the eyes for ten minutes. It's not as hot as a compress, and very soothing - you could read a story whilst you wait?!

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