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Any ideas? Really scared

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CowboysAndKisses Fri 27-Jan-17 09:49:32


On Monday my face (right side) started to tingle and became sore to touch, then my head on the same side started too. I had Bells Palsy 8 years ago so assumed it was the same thing happening. As the day wore on my mouth and eye dropped very slightly but the next day it was the same and hadn't dropped fully as expected. Concerned that it wasn't Bell's palsy I went to the GP who sent me straight to hospital to the cat unit. They performed several tests on my sight, reflexes and took bloods. They then gave me a CT scan of my head and neck which was clear. By now my right hand has started to tingle too. They wanted to do a lumbar puncture to check for a small brain bleed that ct may not pick up. I refused because I'm a total wimp! The consultant thinks it could be hemiplegic migraines and is referring me to a neurologist. On Monday night my bum cheek and leg started to tingle and go numb then my leg but that's sporadic. By last night my head and face were better and not tingly but my face is still very sensitive to touch. I'm back today for a check up with the consultant. Does anyone please have any ideas? I'm a young mum aged 28 with young children and I can't cope with feeling like this. I'm also exhausted all the time and feel like I could sleep forever. Any thoughts greatly appreciated x

hairymuffet Fri 27-Jan-17 10:17:52

I think you need an mri scan and you really need to get a lumbar puncture

Owllady Fri 27-Jan-17 11:05:57

I know you are scared but you need to follow medical advice and have a lumbar puncture (which is only like an epidural) and an mri scan. There will be medical staff there to reassure you and they will give you something to calm you down whilst you have an mri. Can you get back in touch with them?
Tbh my first thought was shingles...

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