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Anybody with a knowledge of chickenpox spots...

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wangle99 Sun 25-Feb-07 15:43:34

If you pick a fresh chickenpox spot and take the top off it does it then hurt when you touch it?

Today is day 21 since DS started chickenpox so presuming today would be last day for DD to get it. She came to me earlier saying she had a spot that hurt on her side so looked and it sort of looks like a c'pox spot but she's anhilated it by scratching and now it hurts.

Just wondered....

satine Sun 25-Feb-07 16:00:39

Not sure - but at first, the spots are fluid filled blisters, rather than spots - I had CP as an adult, and both my kids had it recently so I'm grimly familiar with the bloody things! Once the blisters have dried up a bit and scabbed over, they are insanely itchy, rather than painful - the only problem with taking the top of the scab off is that it can lead to scarring.

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