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Ringing in ears, at wits end!

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youvegottobekidding Thu 26-Jan-17 12:15:27

I'm on antibiotics for a chest infection & sinusitis. I've had a nasty cough for around 5-6 weeks & last week began blowing green mucus out of my nose (still am). I went to see my GP last Wed (18th) who put me on amoxcillin for chest infection. Friday started with ringing noise in my ears began. I wasn't any better so went back to GP on Monday who swapped my antibiotics to doxycycline. Checked ears which are ok.

I'm still pretty much the same. The ringing noise is still there, all the time, it's like a constant house alarm but just one sound. My hearing is muffled though so I can't hear my own or anyone else's voice, nor the tv. But when I eat, brush my teeth or brush my hair those sounds are amplified.

I've read online the ringing noise, which could be tinnitus could be because of the sinus infection. So when the infection is cleared, the ringing noise will stop right? It's driving me absolutely potty, actually making me miserable, I have the tv on up to volume 70 just so I can hear it! It's awful when it's silent, at bedtime it's just awful.

I read in my leader that came with my doxycycline antibiotics that one of the main side effects is ringing in the ears! I told my GP I had this so I wonder why she perscribed me these type when she was aware I had this already! Maybe the ringing could stop when I finish the course of antibiotics! I'm feeling awfully anxious that the ringing will not come to an end!

Has anyone experienced this before & how long did it last for?

foursthescore Sat 11-Feb-17 23:19:40

How are you now? I'm sorry to tell you that I have suffered tinnitus for nearly 3 years now, also caused by medication. It's tough..

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