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1 year old has bloated tummy.

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BritMurray3434 Wed 25-Jan-17 00:37:52

I have a 1 year old daughter and the past two days she has had a bloated (but to me it looks swollen) tummy.. I've tried getting her to eat and drink but she always refuses. Today she hasn't drank or eaten much and she's now dehydrated. I was only able to get her to drink a little bit today and eat a little. She had breakfast this morning which was oatmeal and a 1 1/2 small cups of milk but other then that she hasn't had much. I gave her original glycerin suppositories around noon today cause I'm think maybe she could be constipated but she only pooped a tinny bit. Around 5:30
I have her clearlax in some water but she only drank a little bit of it and pooped a little again.. it seemed to help a little bit, but her tummy in still pretty big and it's kind worrying me.. would like some adivise from other mothers before I take her to emerge. I'm a first time mommy so maybe I'm just over worrying not sure.

hoddtastic Wed 25-Jan-17 00:46:45

Is she upset? Give her fruit and veg snd stop giving her meds?

BritMurray3434 Wed 25-Jan-17 01:43:58

She's been whining all day off and no but she's still running around and happy at other times.. but also wants to just cuddle. I only gave her medication twice today not all at once. Only because I thought she may be constipated but it didn't really seem to help.. she's been fairly gassy since 6:00 pm up until now (8:43pm).

BritMurray3434 Wed 25-Jan-17 01:45:58

I also have tried giving her fruits and veggies all day but she won't eat really anything.

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