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Back to harefield again

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misdee Sun 25-Feb-07 09:46:31

Peter is leaking pus, so off we go again!

pindy Sun 25-Feb-07 09:51:06

Good luck - hope it soon clears up.


misdee Sun 25-Feb-07 09:51:24

bed available. wish us luck please! hopefully he wont have to stay in.

princessmel Sun 25-Feb-07 09:51:26

Oh no, poor peter

Do you know how long for??

princessmel Sun 25-Feb-07 09:51:44

Good Luck

Miaou Sun 25-Feb-07 09:52:09

Oh fingers crossed misdee, hope he is ok and home soon. xxx

kimi Sun 25-Feb-07 10:02:15

good luck xx

edam Sun 25-Feb-07 10:04:17

Good luck, Misdee and Peter.

mummy2aaron Sun 25-Feb-07 10:04:43

Oh no hun let us know how you get on. xxx

pinkchampagne Sun 25-Feb-07 10:06:04

Good luck, misdee.xx

SparklyGothKat Sun 25-Feb-07 13:26:30

MIsdee just phoned me, Peter has an infection and has to stay in Harefield and be on IV antibotics for a week now.

Tiggiwinkle Sun 25-Feb-07 14:01:00

Oh no, sorry to hear this .

tortoise Sun 25-Feb-07 14:03:10

Oh no misdee.
Hope he is home again soon.

ScoobyDooooo Sun 25-Feb-07 14:04:57

Oh no sorry to hear this misdee, hope he recovers ok & can be back with you all again soon xx

CocoLoco Sun 25-Feb-07 14:15:44

Oh no glad he's being looked after.

suedonim Sun 25-Feb-07 16:06:21

Oh, I was hoping this was The Call for Peter.

mummy2aaron Sun 25-Feb-07 19:55:52

any more news?

onlyjoking9329 Sun 25-Feb-07 20:27:25

thinking of you all.

misdee Sun 25-Feb-07 20:27:43

evening. wow what a long day!

got to harefield just after 11. he is oozing pus (sorry) from his bottom drive line (the one pumping from his heart). He is now finally on IV antibiotics after waiting all day. He has been swabbed, stabbed and prodded. He feels ok, he has had a cough the last few weeks and has been a touch sweatier than normal, but this one really snuck up a bit i feel. His swabs from last week were clear, so its either the last infection which hasnt gone away (even though he was still on antibiotocs) or a brand new one.

He has seen Emily, and had a little chat, seen the other Peter as well.

He willo be in for at least a week on the IV's, but is hoping the swabs come back clear so he can escape earlier, but to be honest the amount of ooze that was there they arent going to come back clear.

Miaou Sun 25-Feb-07 20:37:31

Aw, sorry he is being kept in, but at least he is being treated now . Hope he improves quickly!

Will he still be on the list whilst he is in?

Pennies Sun 25-Feb-07 20:40:40

Glad he's being treated. It's been very tough for you all recently. Hope he gets better soon.

zippitippitoes Sun 25-Feb-07 20:44:23

good wishes from me


misdee Sun 25-Feb-07 22:24:41

thanks, I am hoping these IV's will knock this on-going infection problm on the head for good.

swedishmum Mon 26-Feb-07 00:02:39

Hope he's doing wellx

misdee Mon 26-Feb-07 16:00:51

good afternoon

he is on two different antibiotics, gentomycinin(not sure thats spelt right) and another one combined. for 5 days, then see how he goes, hopefully get him back for the weekend.

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