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question about baby vitamins in peanut oil base

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puffling Sun 25-Feb-07 07:56:59

I've got some Abidec baby multi-vitamins in liquid form. The box says it contains peanut oil. It doesn't say what the proportion is.
DD is 11 months, and obviously I'm not giving her peanuts or processed foods which may contain nut traces. So should I use this product or not?

belgo Sun 25-Feb-07 08:06:33

why do you want to give her vitamins?

rinol Sun 25-Feb-07 08:20:19

my dd has a nut allergy and i asked the dietician at St Marys about the peanut oil in Abidec and she said the oil was 'refined' and i could give it to my dd!I have done so for a year and she's ok!

puffling Sun 25-Feb-07 19:05:09

Thanks Rinol, that's very useful info.x

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