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Fractured cheekbone?!

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Mehfruittea Tue 24-Jan-17 01:11:58

I had a dizzy spell 5 days ago. I hurt my back the day before and was unable to move so taken by ambulance to a&e. Always traumatic for me to go there as have chronic pain conditions that are worse in that environment. Was there 12 hours with no food. Came home after x rays and all clear. Light tea of toast and pain killers, went to bed.

Next day I woke and tried to move straight away. I got to the bathroom and then felt dizzy. Couldn't sit down quick enough due to back pain and passed out. I hit my face on the edge of the shower tray. Cut to my forehead that bled quite a bit, massive black eye and bruises on my shoulder.

This was 5 days ago and the black eye is starting to heal. But across my cheekbone is still numb but very painful if that makes sense. I have an appointment with my GP on Wednesday.

What do you think? Broken? Or just swollen? I've never injured my face like this before and so no idea what it should feel like at this point (if it was all ok). Really do not want to go back to a&e just for a sodding X-ray again.

Mehfruittea Tue 24-Jan-17 13:25:04

Bump for a daytime audience. At the GP tomorrow, should I prepare for long wait in a&e for X-rays?!

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