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Could the dentist have damaged a tooth a tooth next to the one I've just had extracted?

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sammyjayneex Mon 23-Jan-17 20:48:02

So I had to have a lower back molar out today at the dentist and it was difficult because it had to be broke to pieces. Anyway the one next to it now feels like half the tooth missing with a temp
Filling in it. I think the dentist has damaged the tooth next to it and temp filled it without me knowing and didnt even tell me! Because of all the numbing and all the anxiety of having the tooth out I didn't notice. He said before he took this tooth out that the one next to it will need root canal but the tooth had more tooth to it than this regardless of whether it needed root canal before today. Now looks like I will lose this tooth as well as it's just a stump now but that's another set of my two chewing teeth that I've lost now. How will I chew again. ? Why didn't he mention that he damaged it ?

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