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STILL tired after laparoscopic surgery?

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EllenRipley Mon 23-Jan-17 19:20:14

I know there's a few threads on laparoscopies but just wondering if anyone who's had it still felt a bit ropey a couple of months later? I had a simple cyst removed and a lot of work done to remove adhesions (scar tissue) that had developed since c-section 7 years ago. From what the surgeon said it was a bit of a mess in there (Tho thankfully no endometriosis which is what they suspected). I was probably under anaesthetic for 2-3 hours. Felt like I recovered fairly quickly and I waited six weeks to get back to my exercise routine. But I still feel bloody knackered and a bit washed out! Very frustrating. Pretty sure no underlying infection (have dipsticked my pee which is clear, no bleeding, heat or swelling anywhere). I thought laparoscopic surgery wasn't 'major' and I thankfully didn't need any endo treatment but I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps I need more time for a full recovery - anyone else experienced similar? Thank you in advance x

Doolallylally Mon 23-Jan-17 19:23:18

Even though your surgery was done laparoscopically, your insides will still be healing. Listen to your body and take it easy. If you feel knackered you're doing too much. flowers

EllenRipley Mon 23-Jan-17 19:27:11

Thank you Doollaly, does seem to be the most obvious answer doesn't it! Early to bed it is...

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