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Raynauds onset over 40?

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spacechimp Mon 23-Jan-17 15:04:23

I’ve had a couple of episodes over the last few months where the middle fingers of one hand have gone white and numb and it’s taken about 10 minutes for them to go back to a normal colour and become warm again. Each time it’s happened I’ve been outside in the cold. From internet research it looks and sounds like Raynaud’s but I’m a bit concerned that everything I’ve read says that if it starts over the age of 40 then it could be a symptom of an underlying condition. I’m 42 and though I’ve always noticed that it takes my hands and feet a long time to warm up in winter, I’ve never had this happen before.

I’ve got a collar bone joint/ligament injury at the moment on my left hand side from lifting weights which is affecting my neck and shoulder and I’ve been getting referred pain down my arm, and I’ve also had symptoms a bit like carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand and wrist. Could this be connected?

I don’t think I have any symptoms of other conditions – rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid issues etc, and had blood tests at the end of 2015 for thyroid and in October last year for erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), C-reactive protein (CRP), and a full blood count for what turned out to be a bad IBS flare up, and all came back ok so I’m hoping there’s nothing else going on

Has anyone else had Raynauds start after 40 and it was just that?

LuxuryWoman2017 Mon 23-Jan-17 15:13:01

Yes me, I also have the carpal tunnel symptoms and by a huge coincidence the shoulder and collar pain, this is from an injury several months ago. My doctor hasn't mentioned any concerns about the over 40 onset. I'm afraid I just live with it so no advice other than keeping your fingers warm. I will be glad if others post with their experiences and advice. It's horrible and very painful.

PollyPerky Mon 23-Jan-17 17:02:38

DH has Raynaurds and ASAIK he was diagnosed in his 50s and no one batted any eyelid at it. It doesn't bother him and he doesn't have pain with it.

spacechimp Mon 23-Jan-17 23:53:58

Thanks for the replies. Interesting that you have the same carpal tunnel symptoms and shoulder and collar bone pain Luxury - has your doctor connected this with your Raynauds at all or did the Raynauds pre-date the injury and carpal tunnel symptoms?
My episodes of the white and numb fingers have only been on my left hand with not all fingers affected, and am kind of hoping there is a connection with the other symptoms on that side as I've read this evening that Raynauds usually affects both hands. Can it be Reynauds if only a few fingers and only one hand is affected?

I'm seeing a physio/remedial massage therapist for the shoulder and collar bone issues next week and will also talk about the carpal tunnel symptoms and white/numb fingers. Might also have to see my GP I guess

LuxuryWoman2017 Tue 24-Jan-17 06:27:06

Yes, my Raynauds predates my Injury and only affects 2 fingers on my right hand.
A lot of my wrist pain is to do with prolonged computer use, my shoulder was an accident but healing is slow due again to computer use.

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