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B12 tablets

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WoodliceCollection Mon 23-Jan-17 13:47:28

Hi, wondering if anyone can help with this from experience.
I have just recently been prescribed 50mcg B12 tablets after a blood test which showed my B12 level was 121ng/L. I didn't go to the GP after the blood test, they just sent the prescription through and it was in the bag when I picked up other ongoing meds.
I am of the opinion that B12 deficiency in my case is probably autoimmune, since I already have Hashimotos and they are often comorbid. I have, however, had previous B12 tests- one in my first pregnancy at which point I was prescribed B12 injections, which then stopped after giving birth although I was later told by a different GP practice that if I'd had them they should be continued, but this did not happen. Then a couple of years ago it was tested again in screening for fatigue/other health issues, at which point it was 178 which I think counts as low in England but not where I live (Wales). However, I have also been diagnosed with a kidney problem and not sure whether that would cause excess excretion or anything like that, so I am open to the idea that it isn't autoimmune, but I'd be very skeptical about it being dietary as I'm not veggie and eat quite a lot of dairy/eggs/fish (and folate etc is fine).

On the basis of this, is it now standard to prescribe tablets initially rather than injections? Also, is 50mcg going to be sufficient to bring up the level to mid-range soonish? Can't really cope with being constantly knackered much longer (single parent, working full time, trying to avoid being signed off sick, etc). Would it be more sensible to make a GP appointment to go back and discuss? I don't want to make an unnecessary appointment but I really need my health to improve as soon as possible.

youcantgoback Mon 23-Jan-17 19:54:09

Have you been checked for pernacious anaemia? I would think that should be checked if your B12 is that low. You must be feeling really poorly. I think you should be properly checked for PA and then insist on injections. It'll take ages to increase B12 with supplements especially if you having problems absorbing it from food.

WoodliceCollection Mon 23-Jan-17 21:22:05

Thanks, I will go back and ask. I kind of agree with you since I already have one autoimmune thing but don't want to kick up a fuss as I know GPs here are under quite a bit of pressure. I suppose it can't hurt to ask though! Thanks again.

youcantgoback Tue 24-Jan-17 18:11:30

Please don't think you're making a fuss. You have a serious deficiency. I have Hashimotos and that's hard enough, but I was referred to an Endocrinologist who's really helped me get properly medicated even though my results were so-called normal range! Low B12 will hinder your overall health. You would do much better if you get referred to an Endocrinologist 😊

Veterinari Tue 24-Jan-17 18:17:41

I'm on injections - I take my real supplements for a boost between jabs but the injections are much more effective

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