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My Hysteroscopy today - Hope this helps.

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Wackelle Mon 23-Jan-17 13:46:58

Hi all,

I have had a hysteroscopy today and before hand I was looking online for other peoples experiences and I didn't find anything useful apart from people saying it was horrific so I thought I'd come and share my experience in the hope of helping others.

For background I'm late 20's and no kids, the procedure was done as outpatient without general anaesthetic.

I also had a smear whilst I was there.

Honestly it was absolutely fine, the whole procedure as they took a biopsy maybe lasted 10 mins max.

Out of ten the pain was maybe 5 worst and that was the nip of the biopsy, the rest of it was just midly uncomfortable but not terrible, my nurse let me have a look at the photos of inside my womb after and my partner was allowed to sit in. This was only my experience but please if you are due to have one please don't stress as it won't be half as bad as you expect.

Afterwards i got a coffee and a biccy and walked around the city centre (clocked up over 11,000 steps on the fit bit) and treated my self to a bun.

Hope this helps at least one person smile

Wackelle Mon 23-Jan-17 13:48:22

Just written this on my phone, apols for poor grammar!

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