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sphil Sat 24-Feb-07 19:56:31

Sorry - this will take a while to explain. A week ago DS1 started telling me he had 'fuzzy lines' in his vision. He says he's always had them but over the last week he described them a number of times, in exactly the same way each time. I took him to the optician today and she could find absolutely nothing wrong. She took me aside at the end and implied strongly that she thought he was making it up - she was v nice about it and said it's quite common.

Then two days ago he started a strange facial movement - sort of dropping his chin to his chest by opening his mouth and rubbing his chin against his chest. He's obviously not aware he's doing it as he looked very puzzled when I questioned him. This has got more and more frequent - today he's doing it once very 20 secs or so. I checked last night but he didn't do it in his sleep.

We're moving in a few weeks and I wondered if both these things could be stress related. He's also been quite stroppy at home (v unusual), reluctant to go to school and switched off in class. He's always had some odd body movements at times - a sort of twitchy dancing - but this has got much worse recently. He's fidgeting all the time - couldn't sit still at all in the opticians room.

DS1 has no diagnosis of SN, but has dyspraxic and a few Aspergers traits. Some of these have become much more marked in the last two weeks.So I wondered whether his behaviour could be down to the impending move, or be a symptom of his SN, which may be becoming more obvious with age - or both!

lurkylou Sat 24-Feb-07 19:58:58

Does sound stress related.

Maybe a chat with the doc would help - alone, not with DS present.

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