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Hypothyroidism and pregnancy

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EssentialHummus Sun 22-Jan-17 10:22:56

Has anyone been through this?

I'm 7 + 4 pregnant, and have hypothyroidism which is treated and under control - the tests I did just before pregnancy were 0.77 TSH and 20.5 free T4. Since finding out about the pregnancy, I've upped my dose of Levothyroxine from 75mcg to 100mcg, in line with the NICE guidelines.

I saw my GP on Friday for guidance. He said the standard thing is to refer pregnant, hypothyroid women to an endocrinologist, and that it's normally done urgently because the foetus can't hang around waiting for the NHS (not my words). Yesterday night I received confirmation of an appointment from my local hospital - for April. I'd be over 5 months at that point.

So -
Can I just keep monitoring my bloods myself, and just ensure they stay as they are?

Do I need to go private to see an endo sooner?

Should I somehow try to get a more urgent appointment on the NHS (how?)?

Something else altogether?

Wombletor Sun 22-Jan-17 15:03:02

Congrats on your pregnancy. I am hypo, had a baby last year. I would recommend asking your gp to check tsh and t4 every weeks. You can ring the secretary of the endo consultant and ask if they have a more urgent earlier appointment, or ask your midwife to refer you asap. Either way, you'll be seen as a priority. Take care

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