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Finding a naturopath?

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PurpleBurtle Sun 22-Jan-17 10:11:23

Does anyone know how I would go about finding a naturopath that is not going to rip me off? GP is no longer helpful and this is the last thing I can think of before I give up on being normal/happy

Footle Sun 22-Jan-17 10:54:13

Are you in the UK ? 'Naturopath' is a rather catch-all term here. Can you be a bit more specific about what your health problem is ?

blankmind Sun 22-Jan-17 11:17:29

Google turns up these and more, obviously find someone you are happy with, have checked qualification, insurance, charges etc.

PurpleBurtle Sun 22-Jan-17 11:17:36

I have suffered with acne for over 20 years. I've tried a lot of things and currently have a very restricted diet but still can't really pinpoint the cause, it making me miserable. I believe I have candida overgrowth and have tried things myself to help this with no luck, GP says it's not something they recognise so won't look into it further. I'm desperate as my skin and lack of energy is ruining my life.

rubybleu Sun 22-Jan-17 11:20:57

Try BANT -

Naturopaths tend to be known as nutritional therapists in the UK.

PhoenixJasmine Sun 22-Jan-17 11:21:26

Has the GP referred you to a dermatologist?

PollyPerky Sun 22-Jan-17 12:15:27

I think you need a good dermatologist if you've not seen one.
The best ones tend to know about the effects of diet etc and won't talk pseudo science.

Have you tried a course of Roaccutane from a dermo?

PurpleBurtle Sun 22-Jan-17 13:14:26

Thanks I'll have a look at the links. I saw a dermatologist many years ago and was told my skin was not bad enough for rocutane. Now I feel it's better than it has been before and fairly controllable but I still never have completely clear skin. I'm in the UK, have looked before but don't know if it's going to cost a bomb or if I could trust them to not just get as much money out of me as possible.

CoteDAzur Sun 22-Jan-17 13:19:34

I understand that you are desperate but if you are going to spend money, spend it on someone who has been to medical school. See a good dermatologist who will run a few tests and see what the problem is.

It may be a hormonal imbalance or an infection, all possible treat but you need someone who can diagnose & prescribe, not pseudoscience.

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