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Twitching/no thyroid

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Picklesandpies Sat 21-Jan-17 17:39:22


I had my thyroid removed about 2.5 years ago as I was hyperthyroid but the carbimazole caused my immune system to crash so I had to have surgery. Things were ok for over a year but then I suddenly became very ill with horrendous panic attacks and twitching muscles. It turned out I was on too much thyroxine (200mg a day - I'm 8 stone 12) so in six weeks my T4 had doubled to just below the upper limit.

The panic attacks faded away but the twitching has never gone away. I did see a neurologist who said it was unlikely to be anything serious as that isn't how those things start. I'm just really fed up with it now though - it worries me - although I know that a year and a quarter later I'd know if there was something desperately wrong. I feel depressed that it's still there and I can't switch off from it 100%.

Has anyone else got any experience of long term benign muscle twitches? I know there is benign fasciculation syndrome but I'm not sure if that's it. Just feel very alone with it.

Thank you.

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