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New cream coming out for rosacea, could help those with red face/flushing

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SleepFreeZone Sat 21-Jan-17 15:39:47

Only just seen this and trying to not get too excited 😁

For those that have the red face/flushing component of Rosacea this could potentially be rather life changing. They brought out Mirvaso a couple of years ago that was meant to help with flushing and red face but adversely affected lots of people by causing rebound flushing and redness that was much worse than the original condition!!! Because of this I wouldn't dare try it. But Allergan are bringing out a cream called Rhofade in May.

It is FDA approved so has gone through rigorous testing and is claiming to keep the red face at bay for 12 hours with no rebound of symptoms. If this is true it would be totally life changing for me as I developed an anxiety disorder through my flushing, particularly in the workplace which has limited my work options and had a huge impact on my earning potential.

So just incase this might help someone then keep an eye out for this treatment. It uses the same vaso constructing ingredients as decongestants and it will be available in prescription in America in May, no idea if the NHS will be taking it up, will have to wait and see.

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