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Bruised Coccyx?

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BlueClearSkies Sat 21-Jan-17 12:03:24

Teen DD is quite sporty. She rides every week. Before Christmas a horse she was riding got excited when playing games, she bucked and DD went over her head, did a somersault and unfortunately did not land on her feet. She had sore bum and lower back.

She says it is still hurting. I think it is a bruised coccyx, which as far as I understand gets better on its own.

I have told her that she just needs to be patient and it will get better. Should I take her to the doctor?

I fractured a vertebrae in a riding accident and I know how painful that was, this is nothing like that.

MollyHuaCha Sun 22-Jan-17 11:20:32

I had the identical accident in my twenties. I also broke bones resulting in bandages and plaster casts. Lucky to have no head or neck injury (thank you helmet). The fractures healed, but the 'invisible' back injury took nearly sixth months. I'd recommend physiotherapy and maybe using a tens machine, and if she's up for it, acupuncture. And when she's better, get back on the horse of course. Also, if her helmet took an impact, it might need replacing - check for hairline cracks.

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