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Regular periods returning on Cerazette

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jerrysbellyhangslikejelly Fri 20-Jan-17 18:10:28

I started taking Cerazette two years ago and my periods stopped completely and with them the pretty bad breast pain I had for two weeks before each period. This was why I started taking the pill and I now rely on it for contraception also. I've lost about 30kg and since then my periods have returned. They were never regular before I started Cerazette but are now coming every four weeks or three and a bit and the two weeks of breast pain is back. I have a physical job and the breast pain is very uncomfortable, it's sore to even brush off them and I have to sleep in a bra. I can't take the regular pill so my only other pill option is Noriday which only has a three hour window which I'm not too comfortable with.

Has anyone else had regular periods return on Cerazette? Did they go away again? What about depo-provera? Has that stopped your periods? I really need something to help with the breast pain 😞

mumsnit Fri 20-Jan-17 19:05:07

Not on Cerazette but my mirena has been in 2 years and periods are suddenly back with a vengeance and lasting weeks! Breast pain awful too and constant. I was told this was all 'normal'.

Have you been offered the mirena? They are normally desperate to talk you into it!!

I've now been given Cilest to try to regulate my cycle again though I'm a bit hmm as I'm in my 40s so didn't think that was a good option.

Sorry not much help but in a similar situation and not sure what else they would offer you other than another mini pill.

trinity0097 Fri 20-Jan-17 20:40:11

Mine came back when I lost weight. Not to the extent that they used to. But really irregular!

They had to rule out pcos as it was getting silly, it has settled a bit now though and it's kind of monthly!

Hate having them back, I had about 10years without any periods.

jerrysbellyhangslikejelly Fri 20-Jan-17 20:47:48

It's terrible isn't it?? I don't know how anyone can say this is normal! All the women in my family suffer with this breast pain but I just can't deal with it! I do a lot of heavy lifting in work and it's so uncomfortable, I had a patient brush off me the other day and I winced and she thought she'd hurt me, I felt so bad. I don't think breast pain is taken as seriously as cramps but I really find it quite debilitating.

No I haven't been offered the Mirena. I'm not in the UK and would have to pay for it so I don't think they're as pushy about it. I hope to be TTC (a lot) sooner than 5 years so I don't think it would be suitable anyway. My GP is lovely but not great with these things and will just go with whatever I ask for rather than offering any advice. Hopefully someone will come along with some experience of the injection or something else that helped their breast pain!

jerrysbellyhangslikejelly Fri 20-Jan-17 20:54:35

So I'm not the only one that had them come back after losing weight! Did they find a reason or was it just put down to the weight loss? It's so annoying sad I've been wondering if I took a break for a few months and then went back on Cerazette if they might stop again but probably not.

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