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Yellow Card Vaccine thingy

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Verbena37 Thu 19-Jan-17 12:52:32

I was about to go int the mrha yellow card vaccine side effects reporting site when I realised how on earth do you report multiple vaccines (Td/IPV) as well as the fact she also had MEN AWCY at the same time in the other arm?

What's the point now with all of these multiple vaccines?
How would they know if her fainting last night was due to tetanus part, diphtheria part or polio.....or from the Revaxis vaccine?

Not being vaccine bashing......just genuinely interested as I really don't see how the yellow card system isn't biased now.

BlahBlahBland Thu 19-Jan-17 12:57:39

List all the vaccines? Do you have the batch number written in the red book? If not there should be a record of this on her notes.

Verbena37 Thu 19-Jan-17 13:30:52

Yes I know about putting them both down but what I mean is, the reporting system is to give information about reactions to vaccines but what I'm saying is I feel the vaccines are given together, then unless you have visible redness/swelling in one arm, then the MHRA wouldn't know if you were ill due to one vaccine or the other.

Y0uCann0tBeSer10us Sat 21-Jan-17 12:44:59

You're absolutely right. You'd be able to see if there was a local reaction to a particular vaccine, but if the problem is systemic (excessive fever, seizures, all over rash etc) there's no way to know which component or combination of components was responsible. It's a weakness in the system. All you can is list everything that was given.

PinkSwimGoggles Sat 21-Jan-17 12:49:51

yes you put them all in.
the more people put in side effects the better.
these reports are regularly looked at and evaluated.

it could for example be that a certain combination causes side effects but not another.

PinkSwimGoggles Sat 21-Jan-17 12:51:10

plus the side effect reports are collected from all over the world, where vaccine schedules might be different.

Verbena37 Sat 21-Jan-17 19:53:54

Thanks everyone.
I'll put them all down.
Her arms are just aching now five days later but fine otherwise.

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