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Period just wont stop

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ScandiCinnamon Thu 19-Jan-17 12:40:31

I am getting a bit concerned about the length of my period this month.

I have fairly short cycles (normally 24-25 days) but am very regular and the period only last about 4 days. This cycle I was 14 days late. I had period cramp feelings on the day/days when I should have had it. So, as this has been a pregnancy symptom for me in the past I did a PG test when I was about 10 days late . It was negative. NOT trying to fall PG as am 42 and already have 2 lovely DD's. When it finally came on it came on slowly at first but now 13 days later it is still very much going and clotty. Sorry TMI

I am trying to get to see a GP, but he is a very unsympathetic man and I guess I am just writing this as I am a bit worried now.

Verbena37 Thu 19-Jan-17 12:49:30

Seems a bit strange if you are usually so regular.
I was thinking perimenopausal but it surely wouldn't be so instantly different to the norm.

Perhaps ask the doctor if you may have been pregnant and miscarried?

ScandiCinnamon Thu 19-Jan-17 12:57:23

Verbena37, I was also thinking about preimenopausal, but as you say, it would have been very instant. Hoping that the GP will be sympathetic and refer me to a gynae

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