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Mirena coil check-up

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Flumpybumpy Fri 23-Feb-07 21:33:27

I had my 8wk Mirena check-up today. I was worried as I have been able to feel it on my left side. She checked and is sending me for a scan to see why it is hurting. I wasn't worried before I went I was expecting her to say it was normal and would settle down, now I am worried, what if is somewhere is shouldn't be, can that happen??

Also she checked my BP as I am having recurrant headaches every other day, these ar enot related to the coil. She has a nack of getting right to the heart of the problem straight away and has told me I'm stressed (this isn't exactly news to me) but she got me talking about why and before I knew it I broke down in tears and told her that DD (3.5) was really causing me problems etc.. She is going to keep an eye on my BP and I have to back for regular check-ups but nothing else was said. I know what is causing my stress what I need is advice on how to deal with it!!!

FB x

Flumpybumpy Sat 24-Feb-07 10:07:53

LIZS Sat 24-Feb-07 13:06:04

Are you sure it is the Mirena you can feel and that it mightn't be something else ? If she could feel the threads it is probably fine and the "feeling" unrelated. Hope you get a scan soon and all's well.

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