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90 mins waiting to be seen, less than 5 mins being seen [grrrrrrr]

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SlightlyMadScientist Fri 23-Feb-07 16:16:24

Had to take DTD1 to walking centre with a nasty cut & bump to the top of her head after a playground fall. triage nurse spent about 2 mins with us. Treatment nurse spent about 3mins. I know she had to be seen but they just weren't interested when we eventually got seen.

Then I rang school to let them know she was OK (as they asked me to) and they then told me she did't actually hit her head on the floor or climbing frame - but hit her head on another childs tooth after a minor fall/scuffle. This is really anoying as had I have known this I probably wouldn't have taken her to be seen unless anything suspicious developed......

Now I am going to take 3 children around tescos at peak time tomoroow

quietmouse Fri 23-Feb-07 16:25:54

poor other child's tooth! I wonder if it's still intact??

SlightlyMadScientist Fri 23-Feb-07 16:33:45

poor me & DTD1 and an emotional DTD2!!!.

I am sure they are fine as this wasn't reported until at least an hour after the incident...

tissy Fri 23-Feb-07 16:46:40

Actually, SMS, that info is IMPORTANT!

If your dd has what is effectively a BITE she may need antibiotics....teeth are DIRTY!

Having said that, scalp cuts usually heal well, as they have a great blood supply, but keep an eye on it, and any sign of redness/ discharge from the wound take her back to A+E and tell them the true story!

SlightlyMadScientist Fri 23-Feb-07 17:27:50

fair point. Hadn't thought of that. I guess they would have considered infection from the fact I thought the cut resulted from impact with the plyground. Will keep an eye on it.

Her hair stinks though. I don't know if it is the blood if it teh water at school thet tried to clean it with is manky.

Not really sure about washing her hair tonight. I am going to have to do something about it, but I am not sure what????

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