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3 year old DD has croupy cough and off to Spain tomorrow. Should we see the doctor??

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minko Fri 23-Feb-07 15:01:57

She seems in good spirits though a bit hoarse. Has a loud cough but got through the night OK with the humidifier.

Doctors can't do much for croup anyway can they?

YummyMummy34 Fri 23-Feb-07 18:05:01

My DS has had croup a lot of times (everytime he has a cold we hear the baby seal and he is 6!) - steam is what we have been advised and it does the trick. You can use a kettle, steam from the shower or we use a wallpaper steamer (just remember to keep LO away from the hot steam and watch out for your wallpaper!) Croup can be quite scary with a child struggling to breathe and running a temperature.

I have only ever had antibiotics perscribed once when DS had the croupy cough for over a week.

Another trick I use is at the first sign of a cold we cut out dairy products as they apparently increase mucus - it seem to work.

Any doubts, see a Dr or ring NHS Direct. Enjoy your holiday!

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