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Heavy bleed on day 14. Ovulation bleed? Or something more sinister? Scared.

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anxious84 Mon 16-Jan-17 10:22:46

Ok, should start by saying, I have a GP appointment tomorrow, so I'm not not doing anything about it.

Around day 14, I had a bleed, which started bright red, but then quickly changed to dark brown....old blood? I'm used to the old blood and I'm used to bleeding, but only lightly. This was like a period though, but it only lasted about 16 hours. I had to use tampons. Only a couple, but still, not normal.

I'm absolutely terrified! I've just got the all clear from another health scare and now this! I suffer from depression and anxiety and this has made my anxiety rocket...again.

I'm up to date with smears. Have had my ovaries checked with a camera (can't remember medical term, sorry) about two years a go and my spotting was put down to hormones. As I say though, this kind of bleeding has never happened before.

I'm so worried. I can't seem to calm down. Dp is trying to reassure me, but I'm convincing myself it's something awful.

Appreciate your opinions and experiences please.


sadie9 Mon 16-Jan-17 12:33:18

I have had these types of bleeds before occasionally as had has my sister. They would happen mid cycle and a short bleed with very brownish, and 'dry', discharge, not like the usual blood at all. I have irregular cycles all my life. I think I went to GP once and they weren't that concerned but I had an ultrasound a couple of months later, and that was all fine so I was just sent away. My periods just went back normal after it.
If you had spotting before and hormonal/irregular periods it is very very likely to be that.

anxious84 Mon 16-Jan-17 12:41:23

Thanks, sadie. I really hope so. Were your mid cycle bleeds ever heavy? My periods are ridiculously heavy, generally. As in, changing super plus EXTRA tampons every 20 minutes, at it's worst. I'm on iron tablets because I'm anaemic. It just seems to be one thing after another recently. I just want to get on and enjoy life!

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 16-Jan-17 16:15:31

You should ideally be referred to a gynae; such problems are sometimes outside a GPs general remit.

Spotting is often down to hormones or cervical erosion; neither are serious but the cause should be determined.

Fibroids can cause heavy bleeding to arise and this may be the root cause of you becoming anaemic. Periods should not rule your life like this and you should not have to put up with it. You will need to be determined in order to get answers.

anxious84 Mon 16-Jan-17 16:40:18

Atilla, thank you. I'm sure I've got lots of lovely tests to look forward to confused

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