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Any dentists or dental hygienists around?

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neolara Sun 15-Jan-17 23:29:53

Posted this earlier in pregnancy by mistake. I'm not pregnant.

On Thursday I saw a dental hygienist yesterday. I hadn't been for about a year and she did a lot of scrapping around. At the polishing stage, she missed my teeth and hit the floor of my mouth and caused a hole. In the afternoon afterwards, the area under my tongue was badly swollen up and it hurt to open my mouth and to eat. Had to take pain killers to eat supper. The day after, the whole area under my tongue looked like there's been significant bleeding under the surface (it was basically black!) and was still a bit swollen. Three days on there is still very noticeable bruising in my mouth and the whole has developed into a mouth ulcer. That's not usual, right? Not sure I"m every going to the hygienist again if it is... If it isn't usual, do you think it's worth telling the practice or will they think I'm just a massive whimp?

Glamorousglitter Mon 16-Jan-17 06:32:45

Not a dentist but just call them and tell them a nd get advice on managing it. Sounds sore you poor thing ! Defo give feedback andnget advice. Sounds like a bit of trauma and bruising hopefully it ll clear up. Is there ny open cuts that could get a little infection in? I wonder would it be worth rinsing with salt and water to keep it clean or would that irritate it more ? Hopefully someone will be along shortly to help

Heatherjayne1972 Wed 18-Jan-17 20:33:15

That shouldn't have happened. Call and speak to the practice manager and/or show this to the dentist
I'm a hygienist. Btw

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