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Endometriosis? Ovarian cysts? Help please!

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CautionHormone Sun 15-Jan-17 21:39:02

Hi all,

Long story short, for the last year and a half I've had really bad AF's; to begin with they went from really regular to really erratic & irregular, and super heavy too with lots of pain. They did an US and saw I had a 4cm cyst on my left ovary, but when I saw the gynaecologist I'd been referred to the two months later, it had dispersed.
The last 6-8 months, the pain has been unbearable... But not just during the "time of the month. All throughout my cycle, and quite often during every day, I get really bad sharp, stabbing pains. These worsen when AF comes, leaving me poorly (with a temperature, nauseous, etc). They're predominantly on my left side again, sometimes spreading to the middle.
My gynae has said he thinks it's Endometriosis and they want to do a laparoscopy to be certain as it's the only way they can truly diagnose it; I see him beginning of Feb to arrange said laparoscopy...

Does anyone else get these pains so often? I'm not sure I can wait til February anymore because they're just getting worse, and more painful.

Sorry this is so long! blush

troubleatmill2011 Mon 16-Jan-17 06:54:53

Sorry OP what's an AF?
I have an ovarian cyst and get sharp stabbing pains on and off usually during my cycle

OrangeSquashTallGlass Mon 16-Jan-17 07:10:00

It sounds like endo to me. A lap is the best (really only) way of diagnosing this and you're already in the system for that. Best of luck!

PoochSmooch Mon 16-Jan-17 07:17:49

It does sound like it might be endo. A laparoscopy is the only way to know for sure. It sounds like good news about the cyst though - as it dispersed on its own, it must have been a functional cyst (ie a normal part of your cycle) rather than an endometrioma (chocolate cyst which is caused by endometriosis). The only way to resolve endometriomas is with surgery, they don't resolve on their own.

Have you discussed pain relief with your GP? It is excruciating - at my worst I found that a combination of ketoprofene (don't know if you get that in the UK), tramadol and hot water bottles was the only thing that damped it down.

Have you tried any hormonal contraceptives to tide you over until the surgery? Some people find that the progesterone only pill helps. Might be worth a punt. Good luck - it's a rotten disease flowers

yohoohoo Mon 16-Jan-17 16:38:04

Def sounds like endo but as others have said a lap is the only way to be certain. But please, please, please I cant stress this enough, you must see a gyno who specialises in endometriosis. I was originally sent to a general cover all areas gyno and it was a waste of time. She had no understanding of's barely recognised by GP's.

I did my research on a site called Dr Foster - just put in your area and endo and they will list consultants who specialise. I went armed with the information to my Dr who went on screen found this consultant did an NHS clinic and referred me on screen straight away.

I cant stress this enough

TrustySnail Mon 16-Jan-17 16:43:13

I agree, your symptoms match with endo. As pps have said, it's important you see the right specialist.

This site is an excellent resource for endo and includes details of the treatment pathway should you be diagnosed. A referral to a BSGE centre is the ideal:

CautionHormone Wed 18-Jan-17 00:33:39

Thank you everyone, you've all been extremely helpful!

trouble, sorry - AF means Aunt Flow, meaning period. Just a nicer, politer way of putting it grin
I've had ovarian cysts and it does feel similar but it also feels worse, so was wondering whether it could be the suspected endo too...

yoohoo, my gynaecologist does specialise in endo, thankfully... I remember reading he was an endometriosis specialist! He's an endo specialist, and has a keen interest in obstetrics as well.

Thank you for the site trusty I'll be looking at that.

Thank you orange, I am indeed already in the system; it's just the waiting game!

Pooch, I have discussed pain relief with my GP and I'm on cocodamol as and when I need it. I find it helps, and I take it when I really need it as I know codeine can be addictive, so most the time I just try to muddle through on my own! I haven't been offered the contraceptive pills yet - because my gyno said he wanted me to lose a stone (about 7kg/14lb) before he operates as my BMI is slightly too high. I can understand this, as I had my appendix out due to appendicitis two years ago and there was a lot of bleeding so I can understand him wanting to avoid that! But I see him again 2/2, and I've already lost 8lb so only another 4 to go!!

Thank you all again for all your help, you've all been really helpful x

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