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Physio has lamed me :(

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QueenyLaverne Sun 15-Jan-17 17:42:32

Ill bullet point this to make it less waffley!
= Had on/off knee issues since a child due to knee surgery and no physio given at the time (there should have been in hindsight)
=The problem got fairly annoying in the last couple of years so i sought advice from two different physios at different times.
=I was totally crap and didn't carry on with either or do the exercises they tried to give me
=Fact forward to now, i went to another physio on recommendation.
=I walked into her room not in any pain, (as issues are on and off)
=She examined my knee and manipulated it, nothing major, prodded and poked and i felt a couple of sore areas.
=She loosened off my thigh muscles as she deemed these were tight.
=I walked out of the appt in pain and have now been in pain for a month. I am so pissed off.
=I contacted her later on, on the day of the appt to tell her i was in pain and could something be wrong. She said no, this is normal sometimes after an appt as they have to irritate the injury(?) no other physio had to 'irritate' the injury. (This woman is a senior practitioner and worked many years with NHS before working for a private practice, so im assuming well experienced)
=I just cannot believe im still going through daily pain a month on, what the bloody hell do i do!!?? Im so pissed off and will never go to another physio again.
=Im so worried something serious is wrong, what do i do?
=They have offered to see me again to try and manage the situation but to be honest i am scared shitless of them causing me more pain.

Fluffybrain Sun 15-Jan-17 17:46:45

See an osteopath

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